Foreword: Feminist Dress

Written By: Trevor Kelly


Check out this piece by Melody Hoffman on feminism and dress.

We’ll be discussing it at Thursday night’s meeting.

Write your comments below!

544686_3426085734286_179054866_nTrevor Kelly is a senior at Sacred Heart University, studying Religious Studies and Philosophy with a focus in Catholic thought and choral music. Hco-founded and currently serves as the President of the Sacred Heart University social activism club, Peace by Justice. He also as the Vice President of the Sacred Heart University Philosophy and Religious Studies club, of which he is also a founding member. He reads Plato on the beach, and swears he is the coolest person you will ever meet who reads  comic books. He is probably wrong.


One response to “Foreword: Feminist Dress

    This redesign of the (arguably) feminist character Merida from Brave is getting a lot of press – there are some substantial differences. I think the director hit on an important one when she spoke of the redesign having a “come hither” look on her face. John Berger said something like: “Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” The original Merida is a subject, she is looking out at the world; the new one understands herself as object, she looks out at other people looking at her.

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